Musik für Jäger, Hund und Wild.

G.o.o.d. Music’s HIT BOY  announces HS87 album. Here’s the first prerelease Grindin My Whole Life.

Tracks that shout out to Big L and not only the notorious Notorious BIG or Tupac, aways need to be highlighted. Westcoast underground artists AUDIO PUSH team up with NYC’s freshman hype of the day JOEY BADA$$ for TIS THE SEASON. The track is produced by Hit-Boy who surprises me with his not so trademark minimal style on this one. Luv it!

To me SKEME's style of beat picking is much too mainstream. Stil, his rap style and trademark voice are dope. Featured on DOM KENNEDY's (a notorious great beat picker) IF IT DON’T MAKE MONEY you have to ackknowledge: Skeme is doper than his mixtapes are.

With so many rappers out there nowadays, it’s hard to find some with a unique but still not quirky approach to their music. Let’s talk about rapper-singer KEVIN GATES, who published two mixtapes this year. Especially the Luva Brasi Story is really strong musically. Listen to ARMS OF A STRANGER.

Classical southern rappers STARLITO & DON TRIP's Step Brothers Two can be found in quite a few best-of-listings. Still not too known, I decided to feature them in my 2013 overssen series with the mainstream appealing LEASH ON featuring KEVIN GATES.

Everybody talks about Joey Bada$$ but nobody talks about BISHOP NEHRU. Maybe he’s still too young, but damn talented, as showcased in MISRULED ORDER from his tape Nehruvia, Part Five in my series Overseen in 2013.

I have to post another one of BOLDY JAMES & ALCHEMIST. A typical deep thug-beat from Al: 400 THOUSANDS.

I didn’t find BOLDY JAMESmobb-deep-inspired mixtape My 1st Chemistry Set (entirely produced by ALCHEMIST) in any best-of-list of 2013. Maybe because it was published to late for editors to notice? Maybe they are just sleeping? To me, it is one of the very best publishings this year. Here’s GIVE ME A REASON featuring VINCE STAPLES

Well, it’s not necessarily right to name FLATBUSH ZOMBIES overseen in 2013. But I think one of the best songs from their acclaimed mixtape Better Of Dead is. So here’s BLISS for part three of my most overseen series. 

Part two of my series most overseen in 2013: GRANDE MARSHALL and his song MUGGA MAN from the mixtape of the same name.

One of the most overseen acts of 2013: WESTERN TINK & BEAUTIFUL LOU published Mobbin No Sobbin, here’s the single SHORT TEXAS

Eminem shows off talent

I’m not a huge fan of Eminem. In fact he lost me with his Marshall Mathers project already. Since his third LP I didn’t even listen to his albums anymore. On the other side I think he did one of the greatest rap verses of all time on Jay-Zs Renegades. 

EMINEM comes back to proof he’s a RAP GOD, and even though I am still not 100% convinced about the whole concept of this song, his rap skills are amazing. Just showing off he’s still there and can do a lot more than your favorite MC - this sounds like an unofficial answer to Kendrick Lamar’s claim for the throne. 


Tyler Releases The Video For TAMALE From ‘WOLF’. Get CARNIVAL Tickets Here 

New Pusha

Damn, PUSHA T is on fire. Definitely looking forward to his album conig out soon. Here’s NOSETALGIA featuring KENDRICK LAMAR - straight banger!

New “New New York”

The WORLD’S FAIR collective is flowing under the radar as part of what they call “New New York”. After a number of single projects, they now published their first crew-mixtape. Check out BLACKLISTED as a preview listen and download album here via Fool’s Gold: http://www.foolsgoldrecs.com/2013/09/03/worlds-fair-bastards-of-the-party-free-lp-download/#.Ui3AUWRdd-M